Token Utility

Creo Engine token or CREO, has a wide array of purposes. Below are all the utilities the Creo Engine holds

  1. Governance token in CreoPlay CREO serves as the governing token within the CreoPlay ecosystem.

  2. Token Staking program to earn rewards Users/gamers that stake their CREO tokens will receive CREO tokens as rewards.

  3. Platform fee for marketplace transactions Platform fees for marketplace transactions on CreoPlay are settled using CREO tokens.

  4. CreoDapps and NFT purchase Users can purchase NFTs and utilize the CreoDapps using CREO tokens.

  5. Liquidity Liquidity in CEX and DEX

  6. Staking for Developers Game developers must stake some CREO tokens before joining the ecosystem.

  7. Incubation Program Creo Engine will use the CREO token in the project incubation program.

  8. Rewards Creo Engine will occasionally give away CREO tokens in promotional events as a reward.

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