Go To Market Strategy

Creo Engine sees the potential of the mobile gaming market not only in Asia but also in the global market. We are also aware that the P2E games at the moment are blatantly crypto and lack the gaming experience and quality that players can find in conventional games.

By making our games high-quality and free-to-play, We plan to market our games to the conventional game players, allowing players to enjoy our products while progressively introducing them to the Play-to-Earn mechanics.

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, we recognize that collaboration is the key to success. Many aspiring individuals wish to venture into this space but often find themselves unsure of where to begin. This realization inspired us to establish Creoplay—a platform where collaboration takes center stage. At Creoplay, we empower everyone to kickstart their projects through Creo Dapps, fostering an environment where innovation and teamwork flourish.

As of now, we have promoted our games and platform to the markets in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, China, Turkey, and South Korea. We plan to expand more to the European region and North America in the near future

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