Creo Engine


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    Javier Tan (CEO and co-founder) Javier is an avid gamer and has more than ten years of experience in the financial field. His love for RPG games and blockchain technology has led him to become one of the co-founders of Creo Engine.
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    Darrel Wijaya (CTO and co-founder) Darrel has been a gamer since he was young. In 2016, he became a game developer and started producing indie games. His game was circulated in the internet game-dev forums and received much praise. He released a game called 'The Revenant Prince' in 2022 on Steam, and in the same year, he helped co-found his first blockchain game company, Creo Engine.
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    Gani Hartanto (CMO)
    Gani has four years of experience working at Grab Indonesia as the Marketing Chief for the Northern Sumatra region in Indonesia. He joined Creo Engine in October of 2022 and was appointed as the CMO of the company.
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    Vetric Hartady (CFO)
    Vetric is an expert in accounting and brings valuable experience in management and finance auditing to the Creo Engine team.
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    David Salim (COO) David is a full-time musician, producer and has worked in a startup company before. He first joined Creo Engine in mid-2021 as the music producer for Creo Engine's in-house studio. Having experience in customer relationship management, he joined the core team in December as PR manager. David is then appointed as the COO in May 2023.