Creo Engine

The Market

Creo Engine market profile and target
Blockchain technology has progressed rapidly throughout the years since its initiation, and it has now become the most exciting tech trend at the moment. Implementing blockchain technology across multiple computer games and its user enthusiasm globally proves that the progression is not stopping anytime soon.
The primary market we aim for is video game players in the play-to-earn gaming industry, AR, VR, and Metaverse. The gaming industry generates $106 billion, with 26.8% annual growth by revenue.
Along with the players, we welcome video game developers to integrate and rebirth their games under our ecosystem.
Moreover, on the project listing under our ecosystem, our approach is to fund and help the project's establishment from the start-up, assuring their ideas are brought to fruition.
Initiation of our project starts with providing users around the world with highquality video games with rich visuals and sound, an essential play-to-earn system and a safe and secure marketplace for users to buy and sell digital assets.